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Motivational Speaker . Business Coach . Trainer. Entrepreneur . Author . Podcast Hostess

Business Coach Laura

Niphaphone (nip-pa-pon) Laura Robertson, is the CEO of Beautiful Potential Consulting LLC, Co-founder of iLocal Online Advertising & Marketing, and an Independent Coach, Trainer & Speaker with the John Maxwell Group, Podcast Hostess for Blasian Soul Podcast.


In her book, "Forty Dollars and a Dream", she shared how she came from a humbling beginning, arriving in America as a malnourished, homeless Lao Refugee, to becoming a successful business leader, helping organizations create a motivating, creative, and successful workplace. 

She is now on a mission to empower her clients with the right success tools to get their breakthroughs!  

Sales and marketing are the foundation of any business growth. As an entrepreneur, business owner, or professional, it is so essential that you are an expert in the areas of sales and marketing. As a sales leader with a proven track record of breaking records, Laura has helped many organizations exceed their sales expectations. She will train you on the steps that it takes to elevate! 

Grow and Scale Your Online Brand

In order to keep up with the competitive nature of our new norm, you must be able to navigate confidently through the online space. Laura helps clients go from fear to flourishing in their online confidence! 




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