Gina Petty is a salon owner and hairstylist at Lola, a salon known for changing the world one head at a time. She has been in the industry for 20+ years. Gina graduated from Hair Professionals in Oswego, IL, however it was courses far outside her industry that made her the hairstylist, owner, and leader she is today. Gina has studied the art of storytelling with Kindra Hall, personal growth with Mindvalley, the 8 steps to financial success with Eufora International.  This is on top of a myriad of business, coaching, and mind mapping courses. She began her career in an apprenticeship with Focas Salon in Saint Charles, IL.  The owners saw the leadership potential Gina had. She was groomed to begin educating other stylists within the salon. This evolved into educating for different hair care lines and eventually leading her to become a platform artist inspiring other hairstylists from all over the country. 

Gina realized her passion for empowering others. However, it was her breakthrough moment in 2015 when Gina would be turning 39 years old, the same age her mother was when she was killed in a tragic car accident, that Gina’s whole world changed. She focuses on living an intentional life. This way of living introduced her to so many people, books, podcasts, and philosophies. It created clarity and brought shifts in perspective and she had to get the word out. This began with presenting to cosmetology students on how to brand themselves as a professionals. She encouraged future professionals to raise the respect level of the beauty industry.  This became the birthplace of Intentionally Lola, an evolution enterprise focused on the foundation of success which is having the extra confidence that comes from looking and feeling your best! Gina shares her journey of self-discovery, learning how to love herself, and how simply cleaning out your closet can change your life.