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Entrepreneur . CEO Beautiful Potential & iLocal . Salon Owner

Author . Coach . Trainer . Motivational Speaker . Podcast Hostess

Laura Robertson is a wife, mother, grandmother, Independent Coach, Trainer & Speaker with the John Maxwell Group, CEO of Beautiful Potential Consulting LLC and Co-founder of iLocal Online Advertising & Marketing

Laura spent most of her career in the beauty, healthcare & education fields. She holds a license in cosmetology, cosmetology instructors, massage therapy and Bachelors in Business Management from Cornerstone University, and pursued Digital Advertising & Marketing at Liberty University. Laura’s lifelong passion for helping others reach their true potential is what led to her journey in establishing her company, Beautiful Potential Consulting LLC, after quitting her corporate job in December of 2019. 

Laura had a very successful career and walking away from earning close to a quarter million dollars with a top leading cosmetic dentistry company, would have been unimaginable forty-three years ago. Laura’s family fled the communist invasion after the Vietnam War, a Secret War on Laos. Laura (aka “Niphaphone Sanavongsay”) was born into extreme poverty and homelessness outside the refugee camps of Thailand. 

From arriving in America, as a frail, malnourished two year old, unable to speak English – to a six-figure income job was something that was beyond her imagination. Now, she is on a mission to help others reach their Beauti-FULL POTENTIAL and live their dream life!  


Her commitment to every client's happiness and success is unmatched and she uses her experience to encourage others to unleash their limiting beliefs, stop holding back and to use their gifts to reach their full potential. As a result of coaching with Laura, clients gain the confidence to develop success strategies that will allow them to grow personally and professionally.

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