Our instructors all have one thing in common; they are passionate about the beauty & business industry and they are ready to serve you!


With over sixty years of combined, real-life experience in the

beauty & business world, these fabulous-four talented women are


Our team has over sixty years of combined experience in beauty, sales, marketing, education. Certified and licensed in coaching and cosmetology instructors, they are equipped with the tools to help you grow personally and professionally. 

Laura Robertson I CEO/Founder
Business Coach, Trainer & Speaker
Laura, an independent coach, trainer & speaker with John Maxwell, spent most of her career in the beauty, healthcare & education fields. She holds a license in cosmetology, cosmetology instructors, massage therapy, and Bachelors's in Business Management as well as pursued Digital Advertising & Marketing at Liberty University. Laura’s lifelong passion for helping others reach their true potential is what led to her journey in establishing her company, Beautiful Potential Consulting LLC. Learn More... 

Gina Petty I Lola Salon 

Salon Owner, Beauty & Motivational Coach

Gina Petty is a salon owner and hairstylist at Lola, a salon known for changing the world one head at a time. She has been in the industry for 20+ years. Gina graduated from Hair Professionals in Oswego, IL, however it was courses far outside her industry that made her the hairstylist, owner, and leader she is today. Gina has studied the art of storytelling with Kindra Hall, personal growth with Mindvalley, the 8 steps to financial success with Eufora International.  This is on top of a myriad of business, coaching, and mind mapping courses.

Cecelia Hughes / Styles by Ce'Ela

Salon Owner, Beauty Coach & Instructor 

Cecelia (Cece) Hughes has been in the beauty industry for over twenty years. Her passion is in helping students advance their careers by teaching the technical and artistic side of the beauty field. Cece is an entrepreneur at heart. She is an owner and operator of Styles by Ce'Ela and a Licensed Instructor. Her career path has also led her to break the barriers of the modeling and marketing fields. She has worked with a variety of companies, hosting fashion shoes, runway modeling as well as print and promotional modeling. If you are looking to get advanced beauty training or want to get into modeling, she is your go-to girl!   

Asia Sanavongsay I Asia K Beauty

Co-owner, Beauty Coach & Instructor

Asia Sanavongsay has always known that she wanted to be in the beauty field. Asia attended beauty school right after high school and has worked in large beauty chains as a salon manager. Asia went back to complete her instructor training and she is on a mission to bring value to the younger generation stylists! Watch out world, she is on her way to empowering and making an impact!