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"I AM" BRAND is a symbol to remind every woman that they were designed in God's image and greatness lives right inside of them. We often forget our worth and let the world define us. The "I AM" brand will be a collection of items that will remind you to let your light shine bright, become your brand and be empowered to be the person that you were designed to be. 


Joop Joop (Kiss, Kiss in Lao): This brand is for the trendy, fun, loving women that embraces culture, loves life and everything in it! This collection is filled with a selection of items to make you feel so confident that your love radiates wherever you go! Feel confident just lounging at home, stepping out for a nice evening or even walking into the office. Our JOOP JOOP brand is sealed with a KISS and selected with love! 

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Natural Beauty Products

Asia K Beauty: is where you will find beauty products, art and accessories to bring out the inner glow. Here you will find everything to fuel your soul with positive motivation to keep pushing forward with confidence! 

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Tia'Dione Collection: is for the trendy teen and fun loving young adult.  Tia'Dione Collection is filled with a selection of  styles that will show the world that you are strong, bold and beautiful. Your "selfies" will shine bright like a diamond in our Tia'Dione Collection. 

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Arias Collection: is for the up and coming young lady to pre-teen. This collection is for the up and coming super star! It starts young and our Arias girls know what it takes to stand out in the crowd. She wears her crown with confidence and grace!  

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Our Novani Collection: Watch out world! Our stylish newborns to young divas are stepping out into the set with style and there is nothing stopping this cuteness overload. They knew what they want, when they want it. Our Novani girls demand attention, and they know how to get it! 

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