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"Up My Sales Game" 

Signature Coaching Package


Signature Coaching Package


Imagine getting more clients to say "yes"!


"Up My Sales Game" Signature Program will help you improve your sales process, make better connections, and increase your close rates. 

Are you struggling with... 

  • Not having a clear sales system in place for your business? 

  • Not acheiving consistent winning results? 

  • Lack of confidence in your closing abilities to hit your sales goals each time? 

  • Finding innovative ways to grow your business. 

  • Trying to sell without being too salesy? 

  • Not enough time to train and coach your sales staff? 

We can help... 

As a sales leader, trainer & coach with proven track record of successfully growing multiple businesses, I can help you: 

  • Analyze your current sales process and give recommendations on how to improve your conversions.

  • Recruit, train and provide ongoing coaching for your sales team.

  • Customize a sales process for your business. 

  • Develop sales tools and resources to help track your success.

With over twenty years in sales and management, we have... 

  • Successfully coached and trained professionals on the sales process for centers reaching over million-dollar months. 

  • Successfully led sales teams to break record numbers by observing the sales process and implementing training accordingly.

  • Successfully created sales training programs based on the needs of the businesses and presented training to the sales teams.

  • Successfully breaking personal sales numbers and helping struggling businesses turn around. 

  • Successfully cracked the code on what it takes to get consistent results.