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Founder & CEO 

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Meet the Founder

Beautiful Potential Consulting LLC, led by the visionary founder & CEO, Niphaphone Laura Robertson, is at the forefront of empowering individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. In addition to having a degree in business management, licensed in cosmetology, cosmetology teacher, and massage therapy, Laura has a rich background in executive roles in education, operations, and sales, bringing a wealth of experience to the table. Now, as an accomplished author, coach, and speaker, she is on a mission to use her platform to empower others to unlock their true potential and achieve their dreams. With Laura's leadership and expertise, Beautiful Potential Consulting is dedicated to guiding clients toward success and transformation.

What sets Beautiful Potential apart? Laura's unwavering commitment to empowering women to embrace confidence and achieve their dreams. As a Lao refugee, Laura's inspiring journey, detailed in her book, showcases her passion for learning which led to her success. Drawing from decades of experience, Laura offers a winning formula.

Located in the Market Plaza in Elgin, Beautiful Potential is dedicated to helping women gain confidence and entrepreneurs reach their full potential. Reach out today and let Beautiful Potential guide you on the transformative journey to becoming the confident, successful woman you were destined to be! Your path to empowerment and achievement starts here. To learn more about Laura or book for speaking visit:

"A place where women unite to empower and uplift one another, fostering a community that celebrates the unique potential within each individual."

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To create a supportive and inclusive community where women collaborate to empower and uplift each other, fostering an environment that embraces and celebrates the unique potential of every individual.


At Beautiful Potential Consulting LLC, we envision a world where women feel empowered to pursue their dreams with confidence and determination. Led by our passionate founder & CEO, Niphaphone Laura Robertson, we are committed to providing guidance, resources, and support to help women unlock their full potential. Through our beauty, branding, and business coaching, workshops, and events, we strive to inspire personal growth, cultivate resilience, and foster a sense of belonging. Our vision is to empower women to embrace their strengths, overcome obstacles, and create meaningful impact in their lives and communities.

Beauty &
Business Suites

Step into our beautifully designed all in one salon & business suites —a cutting-edge space for collaboration and growth. Our independent beauty professionals are talented artists dedicated to bringing out the beauty unique to each individual. From hair to skincare, massage to makeup and wellness, we offer a comprehensive range of beauty and business services that elevate your personal and professional image. 


"Brand Her Up!"
Media Studio

As a premier branding studio, we specialize in transforming visions into compelling brands that resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impression. From logo design to video promotions that tell your story, our team of creative artists works tirelessly to ensure your brand stands out in today's competitive landscape. At Beautiful Potential, we don't just create brands; we sculpt identities that inspire, engage, and elevate.


"She Glows" Photography

Beautiful Potential isn't just a beauty haven; it's also a powerhouse for branding excellence. Our photography services capture your essence, and our branding experts craft a narrative that reflects your authenticity. Whether you're an individual looking to enhance your personal brand or a business seeking a distinctive identity, we have the creativity and strategy to make your brand shine.

"Empower Her"

Step into your power with "Empower Her" training programs, where we guide women to unlock their full potential through a transformative blend of beauty, branding, and business training. Our tailored programs are designed to equip women with the skills, confidence, and knowledge they need to show up authentically, elevate their visibility, and achieve remarkable success in business. From mastering the art of beauty to their brand identity and honing essential business strategies, "Empower Her" Training will not only cultivate their inner strength but also unleash their outer brilliance, ready to make an impact on the world.

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