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Beautiful Potential Consulting was founded by Laura Robertson through her passion for beauty and helping others reach their full potential. As a beauty & branding coach, Laura helps clients build their confidence and grow their brand image so they can make an impact doing more of what they love!


Our all-in-one beauty & photography studio is located in the suburbs of Chicago. We offer a one-stop shop to bring out the beauty in YOU AND YOUR BRAND! 

We have a team of independent beauty professionals that provide a variety of other services including hair cuts, color, waxing, eyelash extensions, braiding, wigs, makeup, massage, facials, and more. 


Laura is passionate about continuing education and training. This is why she has also incorporated beauty and branding training and workshops into her coaching programs. These courses can be taken online or in person to help you reach your beautiful potential! 

Laura Robertson/ CEO & Founder 

"Bringing out the beauty in YOU AND YOUR BRAND!"

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To bring out the confidence in our clients so they can reach their potential, pursue their dreams, and do more of what they love! 

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Our Vision

A world where everyone can feel beautiful, engage in economic opportunities and reach their full potential.

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