I'm Laura Robertson, owner, and founder of Beautiful Potential Consulting LLC.  I found the company from my deep passion for helping others look and feel good. I believe that is the foundation of everything we do. When we exude confidence, we attract great things in life. This is truly what helped me come from a life of poverty, a single mother on welfare, to a multiple six-figure career woman. I believe that we all have it within ourselves. Our team at Beautiful Potential is ready to help you tap into your greatness and help you "Be-You-To-Full Potential!"


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Right to Left: Asia, Laura, & Tia

Beautiful Potential is a family business run by Laura and her beautiful daughters, Asia & Tia. Together, they provide beauty, photography, and branding services. 


In addition, Beautiful Potential provides coaching and training programs to help beauty & business professionals create and grow their brand, show up confidently, and continue to bring more beauty to the world!

Beautiful Potential brings together like-minded, empowering individuals. We aim to be a pillar for you to live out your dreams no matter where you came from or your current circumstances. We believe everyone has it within themselves to reach their full potential. We have a team of passionate and talented beauty & business coaches that are on a mission to bring out the beauty in YOU and YOUR BRAND.