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About Us

Beautiful Potential Consulting LLC is a business consulting firm helping clients build their business skills, grow their online brand, and expand their "Knowledge, Network, and Net Worth!" 


The online world can be very overwhelming for many that were forced to go virtual during this pandemic. Through our coaching programs, we help clients learn how to confidently navigate through online digital platforms in order to grow and scale their business brand.


We offer innovative solutions to help you build from where you are and partner with you to deliver the resources to help you START OR GROW YOUR BUSINESS TODAY!

We are a one-stop-shop to help you reach your Beautiful Potential!  

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We Help You

Grow Your Online Brand 


We are dedicated to helping you grow your business and equip you with the skills to keep up with your competition.


Our onsite facility is equipped with a salon and media studio to help create your eye-catching content and grow your brand.


We also offer a variety of online services and business coaching to bring you the most up-to-date tools and resources. We are excited to help you grow! 

A Personalized Approach

We are dedicated to going above and beyond the client's expectations. We take the time to listen and partner with you to provide a personalized approach that will meet your needs, personally and professionally. We truly care about your success! 

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Online Courses in the Comfort of Your Home


Our online business & branding courses are strategically selected to give you the most up-to-date skills to help you succeed in your business.


Enroll and get immediate access to your step-by-step video training! Start today in the comfort of your own home.


I had passion for a business but felt lost where to start. Laura and the team at Beautiful Potential are amazing!!! They helped me get clear about my vision, did a make over and photo shoot for advertising that boosted my confidence and helped me put together a plan for success. With Laura as my business coach and the team at Beautiful Potential helping me feel confident...I feel like I can Conquer the word!!

- Danielle Brown



Laura, I just want to tell you how much your website has boosted my business and doing so well. It's brought me great things and it is all because of you! 

- Tina Green


I worked with Laura in the same company and she is an amazing coach, she helped our team achieve all of our goals. She is very knowledgeable and has a lot of strategies to support a business and grow it, she takes the right approach with a lot of energy and positivity. I would encourage people to visit her website and see all the great business ideas she has to offer.

- Ana Gomez



Laura handled designing our website and business cards. I am very impressed with all the services they have under one roof. They also offer great marketing packages for all of us business owners. Give Laura a call and see how she can help you grow personally and professionally! If you need an example of her work, check out and you can see her web designing skills and professional headshot pics in action!

- Sabrina M.