Laura Robertson, CEO & Founder

Laura started her career in the beauty field over twenty years ago. Following her deep passion for helping others look and feel good, Laura used the beauty field as a vehicle to transition from growing up in a life of poverty to becoming a multiple-six-figure career woman.


Laura has worked in many key roles in the beauty & business field; from salon owner to managing multiple beauty schools, to running top-named organizations. Laura believes that with the right mindset, we all have it within ourselves to be successful. She launched her company, Beautiful Potential to help clients reach their FULL POTENTIAL!

As a business leader, Laura has trained teams across the country to reach million-dollar goals with her innovative, "think outside the box" approach.  Now, through her company, Laura uses those same skills and mindset to help service-based entrepreneurs gain the confidence to start, build, and grow their brands so they can show up and do more of what they LOVE!!!  

At Beautiful Potential, we equip you with the tools, training, and resources to help you grow your business. We bring together like-minded, empowering individuals. We aim to be a pillar for you to live out your dreams no matter where you came from or your current circumstances. 


Join us and our team of passionate, talented, beauty & business coaches that are on a mission to bring out the beauty in YOU and YOUR BRAND! 


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